We have spent years developing our own successful brands as well as managing and marketing them. We sold several of our brands to see them continue to drive the successes we had started.  We were asked numerous times by companies and people who wanted to dive into the eCommerce industry but needed a bit of guidance, assistance and some tips, as well as help and services to start their own eCommerce business.

By this time, we’ve become experts in eCommerce, built an incredible team that managed our shops and we were looking to expand our business.

We realised that most of the new and experienced business owners must focus on what they do best to succeed, and not always have the time to manage an online store, which includes: managing the products, orders, marketing, customer support and other important aspects of eCommerce operational activity.

Since we excelled at what we were doing, we started to provide our knowledge and services to like-minded entrepreneurs, business owners and brands in the eCommerce industry.

We have helped many great designers, manufacturers and brands who are struggling to develop, manage and market their online stores and websites to succeed and keep doing this the best way we can.

We love what we do, and we are passionate about building brands and products that people love. We want to keep developing powerful eCommerce brands and to provide our services to create successful projects and businesses to all our clients.